雙胞胎塗鴉藝術家 Os Gemeos

雙胞胎塗鴉藝術家-Os Gemeos

OS 雙子座(葡萄牙對雙胞胎)的塗鴉藝術家的孿生兄弟(生於1974年)由巴西聖保羅,其真名為奧塔維奧和古斯塔沃潘多爾福。他們開始塗鴉於1987 年,在當地逐漸露出頭角,定巴西自己的風格。他們的工作往往具有黃皮膚的人物,變黃的雙胞胎都在他們的夢想-但在其他多樣,範圍從複雜的壁畫,家庭人像到聖保羅的評注的社會和政治環境,以及巴西的民間傳說。他們的塗鴉風格是受傳統的嘻哈風格和巴西pixação運動。

Os Gêmeos (Portuguese for The Twins) are graffiti artist identical twin brothers (born 1974) from São Paulo, Brazil, whose real names are Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. They started painting graffiti in 1987 and gradually became a main influence in the local scene, helping to define Brazil's own style. Their work often features yellow-skinned characters - taken from the yellow tinge both of the twins have in their dreams - but is otherwise diverse and ranges from tags to complicated murals. Subjects range from family portraits to commentary on São Paulo's social and political circumstances, as well as Brazilian folklore. Their graffiti style was influenced by both traditional hip hop style and the Brazilian pixação movement.

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